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Getting Started with Your Biz Cafe


Set Up your Profile with Your Biz Cafe.



In order to do that, you can click profile link at the top left-hand corner that says dashboard. Then click profile link on the left side of the page. You will see a few options on the page. You will have a "Profile Tab" and an "Extended Profile Tab". You can change your admin color to any of the options provided. Just pick the one you like.  What about proof reading? Choose whatever you want to automatically proof read your content when you update or when you first publish a page. Make sure you choose whether you want to check for grammar or bias language.



The Extended Profile


All you need to do in this section is change your profile picture. You can do that by clicking the link that says "Edit Profile Photo". You can drag and drop the photo, upload or take a fresh photo.


Post an Article


You can post an article to Your Biz Cafe by Adding a pot in the posts section. Click that link and once you get to the page click "Add New" at the top of the page. Once you have entered your article choose the appropriate category and keywords. If you don’t see the category you like you can suggest it by opening a ticket.



How to setup a status date


If you are still in your dashboard, you can click name at the top right-hand corner of the site and click the link that says "Activity". A page with your activity will show up. Just post what you think in the "What's New?" box.



How to post in the forums


Go to the forums page and click the section you want. Let’s say that section is the lounge and you want to introduce yourself. Now, click that and begin a topic. A form should appear for you. Enter your topic or introduction and then your tags. Once you are finished hit the submit button.


Start a group


There are two places you can find the group link. The first one is in your profile drop down menu on the upper right-hand corner. The second place is on the Your Biz Cafe page itself. If you are in your profile menu, click the drop-down menu and you should see groups. Click the group link and you should see an additional menu pop up that says "Memberships, invites and create groups". You need to click the create groups. On the websites pages tab you can click the link on the menu and then click the "create a group" link.



Once you see the form fill it out with a nice name and description. Hit the create group button. In the second step, choose your privacy settings and whether members can invite others to join your group.  Then in the third step, click whether you want the group to have its own forum. In step four, choose a photo that would be a cover image for your group. You can skip this step if you don’t have an image yet. In step five, invite people to your group.


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