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General Questions


What are the banner sizes YB Cafe offer?

There are many sizes and packages to choose from. Below you will find banners in different sizes that will be shown throughout the network of websites I have.


Wher are my banners and text ads going to be seen?

Your Ads will be seen throughout a network of websites.  Your ad will be seen on blogs, advertising sites, traffic sites and membership panels. Below is a list of the sites.

  • Blog Text Ads
  • Your Biz Cafe
  •  Your Biz Traffic
  • YB Cafe Ads
  •  YBC Ad board
  • YBC Ad board Blog
  • YBC links Free Link Exchange
  •  Ezines at Your Biz Cafe


Why do you have Time-based plans instead of impression based plans?


The purpose of these particular plans is to allow your ad time to build the traffic that you need. You may have a campaign that's long running and you want to see how well it performs. Another reason is that you may not want to keep paying for impression based plans and you need something that is consistently bringing in traffic. So, instead of wasting money you can use the time-based plans to suit your advertising needs.


Is YB Café Ads a pay-per-click service?

No. YB Cafe Ads is not a pay-per-click website. You will not be charged to create an account. All payments are one time only. Just create an account and shop for the package that best suits your budget. Lastly, this is not an MLM, Pyramid scheme or gifting or flipping type of website. YB Café Ads provides affordable advertising for your business needs.


What are your Text Ad guidelines


  1. Your title should be 25 characters length.
  2. Your descriptions should only be 35 characters in length.
  3. Make sure your ads are spell checked for optimal performance.
  4. Check your website links to make sure they work before you post your ads.
  5. No hate, racist, conspiracy theory, or mentions of violence is allowed in this site.
  6. Yes, any niche is welcome on the site.


Take a look at an example below:




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